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Trina Solar

TSM-NEG9R.28-440W (VertexS+)

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Leistung [W] 440
Abmessungen [mm] W: 1134 S: 1762 T: 30
Lackierung Schwarzer Rahmen
Planung Glas-Folie
Module/Palette 36
Gewicht [kg] 21.1
0 pal. 1 Stück
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Trina Solar’s TSM-NEG9R.28-xxxW belongs to the VertexS+ module series, which is based on cutting-edge N-Type TopCon technology. These modules consist of half-cut multi-busbar wafers for efficient current collection and a double-glass structure for improved reliability. Their black frame gives them a beautiful appearance, making them an ideal solution for residential rooftop installations.

Small in size, bigger on power

  • Generates up to 445 W, 22.3 % module efficiency with high-density interconnect technology
  • Multi-busbar technology for better light trapping, lower series resistance, improved current collection, and enhanced reliability
  • Reduces installation cost with higher power bin and efficiency

Dual-glass Design, High Reliability

  • Excellent fire rating and resistance to harsh environmental conditions
  • 5,400 Pa snow load and 4,000 Pa wind load (test loads)

Maximize Energy Harvest

  • Up to 25 years product warranty and 30 years power warranty
  • 1 % first-year degradation and 0.4 % annual degradation enabled by N-type technology

Universal solution for residential and C&I rooftops

  • Designed for compatibility with existing mainstream inverters, optimizers, and mounting systems
  • Perfect size and low weight for easy handling. Optimized transportation cost

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