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Nominální výkon střídavého proudu [kW] 8
Typ Hybridní
Fáze Třífázové
Rozměry [mm] š: 480 v: 540 h: 170
Hmotnost [kg] 25
Množství od Indikativní cena
1 ks 1705,00 € / ks
5 ks 1636,80 € / ks
20 ks 1568,60 € / ks
50 ks 1500,40 € / ks

The Sungrow SH8.0RT-V112 three-phase hybrid inverter is an innovative new range of residential inverters. Seamless transition to backup mode for protection against power outages. Fast charging/discharging to meet the demand of higher consumption. Unique push-in connectors for time-saving installation. Touch-free commissioning with a smartphone. Lightweight and compact.Supports WLAN, Ethernet, and 4G communication.Allows remote monitoring and configuration via App.

High energy yield

  • The inverter has a maximum efficiency of up to 98.4%
  • 2 MPPT

Safe and Durable

  • IP65 protection
  • 150–600V wide battery voltage range
  • Supports parallel connection with master-slave controlling
  • Provides 100% power to unbalance loads in backup mode

Smart Management

  • High self-consumption with optimized built-in EMS
  • Free online monitoring to enhance energy management for the end user, installers, and retailer
  • Remote firmware update and customizable settings

Nanosun is a wholesale distributor of solar panels, inverters, batteries, EV chargers, and other photovoltaic components, with an aim of bringing top-tier, efficient, and reliable products to its customers at affordable prices. We are official partners of trusted brands such as LONGi, JA Solar, Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, Sungrow, BYD, Huawei, Wallbox, etc., and have over a decade of experience in the solar industry.