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Výkon [W] 550
Rozměry [mm] š: 1134 v: 2285 h: 35
Barva rámu Stříbrný rám
Vzhled Dvojité sklo
Moduly/paleta 31
Hmotnost [kg] 31.6
0 pal. 1 ks
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JA Solar’s JAM72D30 xxx/MB is based on Advanced Mono PERC technology, featuring p-type M-10 half-cut wafers. The modules have a double-glass Bifacial design, optimized to maximize light absorption from both the front and rear sides. These robust PV modules are a reliable solution for residential and commercial PV projects, including emerging sectors such as Agro-PV.

Excellent outdoor power generation 

  • Advanced PERC technology leads to upto 21.2% of module efficiency
  • M10-Half-cut wafers and multi-busbar technology (11-MBB) allow for lower series resistance improved current collection, greater power generation 

High Reliability

  • Better temperature-dependent performance, Reduced shading effect
  • Up to 12 years product warranty and 30 years power warranty

Lower Levelized Cost of Electricity 

  • High module efficiency, reduces installation costs and the overall cost of producing electricity