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T-BAT H 23

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Storage capacity [kWh] 23
Cell chemistry Lithium Phosphate
Voltage High voltage
Dimensions [mm] w: 474 h: 708 d: 772
Weight [kg] 277.7
Quantity from Indicative price
1 pcs 9551.25 € / pc
5 pcs 9169.20 € / pc
20 pcs 8787.15 € / pc
50 pcs 8405.10 € / pc

Solax’s Triple Power T-BAT H 5.8/11.5/17.3/23 Batteries are easy to install and are made up of the safest LiFePO4 cells. Each battery module is 5.8 kWh and the storage capacity can be scalable up to 23 kWh. 

One T-BAT H 23 Battery pack consists of 3 Battery modules- HV11550 (5.8 kWh) and one Battery control unit - T BAT H 5.8 (including 5.8 kWh internal storage). Compatible with - Solax X3 Hybrid-G4 inverters. 

Better Performance 

  • Safest LiFePO4 battery
  • Upto 90% DOD, Cycle life>6000 times 
  • Less self-consumption 

Safe and Reliable

  • IP55 protection level 
  • No toxic heavy metals or caustic materials

User-friendly design 

  • Floor or wall mounting
  • Quick installation 

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