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DTSU666-H (100A)

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Smart power sensor DTSU666-H 100A features a large-scale integrated circuit specifically designed for power monitoring and energy measurement in power supply, communication, and construction industries, mainly used for real-time measurement and display of parameters such as three-phase current, active power, etc. The smart power sensors feature a small volume, easy installation, and networking.


  • Measurement accuracy class 1 within the full temperature range
  • LCD display, convenient for users, easy to set and check
  • Visual color identification for simple wiring
  • Real-time data collection
  • A 3-phase energy measurement, import, and feed-in
  • Mounting type: DIN35 rail
  • 24-hour recording of house consumption
  • Dynamic active power control
  • Provision of battery data in combination with SUN2000

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