AC300 + 2*B300 batteries

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Product combination Powerstations and batteries
Storage capacity [kWh] 6

Bluetti's AC300 power station in combination with two B300 batteries gives you an unparallel inverter of 3kW and a storage capacity of 6 kWh. An ideal power unit for off-grid and on-the-go applications. 


  • AC300 : 3 kW AC inverter

  • 2x B300 Batteries: 6 kWh expandable storage capacity

  • Warranty: 4 years with 3,500+ Life Cycles 

  • Maximum charging power: 5.4 kW (2.4kW PV + 3 kW AC source)

  • No. of MPPT: 2

  • PV input: 2.4 kW max. power (1.2 kW per MPPT), 12-150 V voltage range, 12 A max. current