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Power [W] 440
Dimensions [mm] w: 1899 h: 1096 d: 30
Color Black frame
Design Glass-Foil
Modules/pallet 36
Weight [kg] 21.8
0 pal. 1 pcs
Price upon request

Tongwei Solar’s THxxx-PMB7 module series has a uniform black appearance, thanks to its innovative Shingled Technology and its black frame. It is the perfect balance between beautiful aesthetics and efficient power generation from residential rooftops.  

Shingling Technology and Beautiful Appearance

  • Innovative structure, low-temperature adhesive bonding, high-density layout
  • Uniform layout, better aesthetic, perfectly black appearance

Superior Safety and Reliability

  • No hidden welding crack, low operating temperature, high-pressure resistance

Low System Cost and Low Hot Spot Risk

  • High module efficiency, reducing system cost
  • Parallel circuit design reduces shading loss

Low Shading Loss

  • Full parallel arrangement brings highly effective power generation hours.


  • Adhering to green philosophy, no fluorine and low lead.

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